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Sunday, October 25, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge

Hello everyone,

Sincerely Yours here. Yes, I know it has been a long time. I apologize for such a long absence. There has been so much that has happened since my last entry and I don't know where to begin. It's been a challenge figuring out the best way to talk about the last three years of my life. So I started to think about that time I met the author Ron Rosenbaum, a writer mainly of non-fiction. I met him at a coffee shop in Midtown at a communal table and wound up talking about writing.

A few weeks later, we met up to have lunch at a nearby Indian restaurant. Probably the nicest one I have ever been. He let me pick his brain for a bit as he picked about the rest of the several dishes we ordered. One thing I will never forget is how he described his process. He told me:

        "Write everyday. Get yourself a good book, a good pen and start the habit of writing something everyday. Even if it's just ten minutes. It doesn't matter what, just write something everyday."

So that's what I decided I should do. I have committed to this by writing something here everyday for the next 30 days. With my schedule it certainly will not be a set time but I promise to share something every single day to those who care to read it.  

I'm getting very excited about the next big Debauchery show. It will be our first show back since Kings County Saloon closed down and also Clown's 50th birthday! 

As much I loved our personal little home at Kings County Saloon, it's great to be back in the East Village. Clown's Debauchery show was originally home there, to several different venues. His former co-producer owned Kings County Saloon, so we moved there back in January. 

Doing this show together at a new venue is almost like a re-affirmation of our commitment to one another as co-producers. When I heard the news and Clown talking about finding a new venue, it was kind but also kinda a relief. I am a baby producer, he took a chance with me when I had only produced one show in my career at that time. So it made me happy to know he take me with him to the next new adventure, next night spot. The show will go on!

Sincerely Yours

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