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Friday, January 31, 2014

Russell Bruner- Man of Mystery

Last week at the Glitter Gutter we had Russell Bruner from the West coast. I chose him for my favorite act of the night because how well developed his performance was. It was a combine striptease and talent act, where he performed hat tricks and fancy footwork with his cane to ragtime style music. I appreciated the details to his period costume, not only bejazzled to the nines, it incorporated textures and decorative inner lining. I am someone who also enjoys embellishing the insides of my costumes, sometimes to be more sparkly than the exterior. I suppose I like it is my way of paying tribute to inner beauty, or not judging a book by it's cover.

The striptease element was one of the best I have seen in the boylesque circuit. It is clear the man has been dancing for a while, you just have to look at his sock gartered calves. He's routine stayed always interesting and was not repetitive. It danced about in a playful fury with his man sparkly man thong, bouncing all about a front row filled with mostly men. It was hilarious and the audience explode with applause and laughter. Later at the bar after the show, I asked him what was in those panties that made him able to bounce the way he does, which in indulged to me but unfortunately not for my readers.

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