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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rush Hicks and Velvet Crayon

This week Sincerely Yours gives Rush Hicks and Velvet Crayon the title of 
"Slipper Room Star Act" of Wednesday nights!

I love working Wednesday nights, I'll take them over the crazy weekend crowd any day! Weeknights are the best nights at the Slipper Room to curl up with a date at a table and watch some real LES entertainment. The Glitter Gutter always features some wild acts and this week Rush Hicks and his sidekick Velvet Crayon take the cake! Part of the Squidling Brother's Traveling Sideshow,
these boys sure represented the "gutter" aspect of the show. Rush is born with a rare genetic condition that makes his cells extremely elastic, allowing him to twist and contort his body in way it just shouldn't. Just don't applaud him for it, as he hates applause. As Rush continues to twist and torture himself, with trusty Velvet Crayon by his side, audience members avert their gaze, head to the bar with their back to the stage and tipsy couples holding onto themselves tightly as they view on in  absolute horror. 
 For the duo's second act, Rush proceeds to stab himself multiple times as Velvet plays a sad lonely folk song, which appropriately sets the scene. Rush does not only puncture himself in the typical sideshow spots but straight through his Achilles tendon! Rush, didn't you learn in history that's a very delicate area?
As much as I love learning new styles and art forms, I will keep the sideshow arts to these experts.

Other mentions I would like to bring up is the duet "The Miss Understanding" by Italian burlesque artists Dixon Ramone and Albadoro Gala which was a playful spin on Tempest Storm and Betty Page and Little Motown's diamond heist number. I sure hope that huge diamond prop breaks down into parts Little Motown!
One of the issues of creating acts in New York City.

Also, I got a huge laugh for this one birthday boy who came in late but just in time for the Slipper Room Birthday Spanking Machine. That is how the Slipper Room recreates your birth on stage with the night's cast. Let's just say that I didn't have to push drinks on him, he was already "fully celebrated" by the time he shown up. He stripped his top layers off as he went inbetween the lovely legs of tonight's performers, revealing a Star of David necklace. He kept going back into the machine, making Mel Frye exclaim "He's born again!"

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